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About Us


 Quirk & Rescue are an East London design partnership specialising in wallpaper, cushions, prints, fabric and unique homewares. Consisting of Ms. Pink and Mr. Black, their designs are based around influences and elements as diverse as typography, music, optical illusions and geometry.


Bright colours are the hallmark of their signature style and combined with bold, flat graphics, the result is a range of products that are both classic, modern and timeless.

Key inspirations for their design ethos are taken from the worlds of fashion, fine art and design to the home by combining vivid colours and eye-catching patterns, streamlining them for interiors as part of the ‘New Maximalist’ movement.

Quirk and Rescue's work has been exhibited in London and New York and has earned plaudits in publications such as ‘The Wall Street journal’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Observer’ and ‘The Sunday Times’. Their work has also featured in international Design Blogs ‘Design Milk’, ‘Design Sponge’ and ‘Apartment Therapy’.

Quirk and Rescue are interested in continuing to work with established designers in residential and commercial interior projects, as well as interesting collaborations from packaging design, album artwork to clothing.