Farmanfarmaian Mirrored sculpture 3

Mr. Black Says… For Whom The Bell Tolls

  One of the great things about being a designer is when you spot something in a gallery, or a street corner, or a book and it makes something inside you ‘chime’. A ringing, like a large bell that sends the message from your subconscious to your conscious brain that ‘this’ is ‘something’. That ‘this’ is […]

Great Interior Design Challenge Team

Mr. Black Says… You Should Watch The Great Interior Design Challenge

  The Great Interior Design Challenge returns to our screens on the 1st of February, once again giving us the highs of brilliant, thrifty interior design combined with the entertaining lows of panicking contestants when time, or ideas, run out. It’s been a long hiatus for the programme too, it’s usual airing date of Autumn being pushed back to […]